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we don't have small 'sample sizes' - we give out full cans of
American Pomade, on request, to shop owners who legitimately
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U.S. $7, Canada $21, International $25

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*shipping may be waived - for special circumstances


1. You're a super hot chick ... you'll probably get shirts too
     but expect constant phone calls from Spider
2. We owe you money
3. You gave US some free stuff
4. We really dig your shop
5. If you need more examples or feel like you should get a free
     can and free shipping, call Sales & Marketing 530.277.3106

Serious business owners don't mind the shipping for free
samples, plus it helps us separate real biz from busters just
looking for free shit.

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Stickers Love Luck Nothin'
You want to be an American Pomade pinup girl
You want to date an American Pomade pinup girl
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If you own a shop, studio or store and are interested in carrying American Pomade ... contact us and let us know who & where you are. We will send you a can of
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American Pomade and add you to our links page.
*postage required on international samples &
may be required on domestic sample requests
no freaky chemicals and no machines | hand mixed and hand poured ... ol' school greaser style
American Pomade - Stickers
American Pomade - Stickers
c/o Dead Legend Enterprises
P.O. Box 301
Penn Valley, CA 95946
American Pomade - Merchandise
Love, Peace and Hair Grease
Free American Pomade 'playing card' with every order. Collect all 5 ...

Miss Marcy - Queen of Diamonds
Card 3 of 5
Free Stickers
United States only
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